Member Feedback Request

ACSLPA is currently looking to change our Standards of Practice as follows:

Revise practice standard 1.7 Telepractice

  1. Update language used in the standard to reflect current nomenclature and definitions in the realm of “virtual care” (formerly telepractice).
  2. Clarify requirements for regulated members, namely in ensuring that any risks to the client are proactively managed, and
  3. Ensure that regulated members are aware that they must practice within their legislated scope for any and all jurisdictions where they are registered.

Add a new standard area 6.0 Interjurisdictional Practice, encompassing Standard 6.1 Interjurisdictional Practice Obligations.

The need for this standard is consistent with the implementation of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between ACSLPA and the College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of British Columbia. The MOU will allow for up to a maximum of 100 hours of speech-language pathology or audiology practice in the secondary jurisdiction (either Alberta or BC) for a regulated member who is registered in good standing in the primary jurisdiction (either Alberta or BC).

After you review both standards, please send any feedback to, subject line: “Standards of Practice”.