April 30, 2020

Alberta’s Premier has announced that

  • AHS employees will start transitioning to provide more elective and non-critical services, and
  • Non-AHS health professionals can start providing non-essential and non-critical services starting sometime after May the 4th.

It is our current understanding that members should not provide non-essential or non-critical health services until several conditions have been met which include:

  • new guidelines for reopened services must be published by colleges,
  • employers and health professionals must have a sufficient supply of cleaners, sanitizing supplies and personal protective equipment to provide services, and
  • employers must be able to meet Occupational Health and Safety requirements for safe work in a COVID-19 environment.

The situation is evolving quickly and ACSLPA is learning more about Alberta Health’s needs and the government’s expectations. We are working quickly to provide members with the guidance and support they need and updates will be published to members a soon as possible.