If a Hearing Tribunal (Tribunal) makes a finding of unprofessional conduct against a member, they may make an order to address both the behaviour and/or the practice of the registered member to protect the public.

Section 82 of the Health Professions Act (HPA) outlines the types of orders that may be used by a Tribunal. Some of the possible orders identified within s.82 include:

  • a caution
  • a reprimand
  • supervised practice
  • course work
  • counselling
  • suspension or cancellation of a practice permit
  • conditions to a practice permit
  • payment of fines or expenses

Once a written decision regarding the order is received by the registered member and the complainant, the investigated member or the Complaints Director may appeal the decision of the Hearing Tribunal within 30 days. The Tribunal order may also include publication.

Any person who knows the name of the member may request a copy of the Tribunal’s decision, for up to five years after the hearing, on written request.

In addition, as per s.80(2) of the HPA, if a hearing tribunal is of the opinion that there are reasonable and probable grounds to believe that an investigated person has committed a criminal offence, a copy of the written decision under section 83 must also be sent to the Minister of Justice and Solicitor General.