For members who must complete external feedback in 2019

Major Changes:

  • External feedback is now tied to renewal. This means that you will not be able to complete your renewal until this component is finished.
    • This could delay your renewal.
    • If you require peer feedback as part of your external feedback, there could be longer delays to your renewal.
  • It’s easiest if you complete your external feedback before you start your renewal
    • When you log into the member portal, don’t click the registration renewal button until you’ve already completed your external feedback.
    • If you start your renewal, but haven’t yet started/finished your external feedback, you can only complete your external feedback by working your way through renewal.

A way to simplify for 2020:

  • You can change your 2019 goal to reflect learning more about the prevention of sexual abuse and sexual misconduct.
  • Complete your review of either of the Bill 21 readings (the guideline or the new standards of practice). The new standards of practice are shorter…

Of note:

  • The external feedback section of the member portal is still under construction. It is anticipated it will be open in the next week or so (last week of September/first week of October).
  • External feedback is found under the “my learning” tab of the member portal – it’s now attached to your goal(s). You’ll be able to select which type of external feedback and which goal you’d like to complete it on.


  • If you need assistance, please email or call Sandy Nickel, Director or Professional Practice.