To either register or renew your registration, as per the Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists Profession Regulation you must give evidence that your professional practice is current by having:

  1. Graduated from an approved program not more than three years before applying, or
  2. Practiced as a speech-language pathologist or audiologist for at least 1250 hours in the five years immediately before applying[8], or
  3. Successfully completed approved, refresher[9] education courses in your profession within the previous three years.

As a regulated member of ACSLPA, if you are applying for registration renewal or a status change to a regulated membership category and, specifically, do not meet the currency hour requirements, you will typically be required to demonstrate current competence through successful completion of a period of supervised practice.

11.6 The Registrar may refer any matter requiring a decision by the Registrar to the Registration Committee or Continuing Competence Committee for advice prior to making a final decision.

11.7 The Registrar, when issuing a registration and practice permit to allow a member or applicant to gain the required experience, shall apply the following conditions:

  1. the member must practice only under the supervision of a regulated member,
  2. the member must complete their supervised practice within a time limit set by the Registrar, and
  3. other conditions set by the Registrar if appropriate in the circumstances.

[8]Currency hours obtained while working in other provinces or jurisdictions will be considered (verification may be required).

Current qualification hours include ACTUAL volunteer or paid hours spent in professional practice activities, including the following:

  • Clinical practice (including assessment, intervention, and consulting)
  • Administration/management with respect to health service delivery
  • Professional development (including coursework, review of scholarly articles and journals, conferences, webinars, etc.)
  • Research
  • Educating students in SLP, Audiology or a related field
  • Participation in Council and committee work with an SLP or Audiology Professional body

Any of the professional practice activities listed above that are accrued as part of doctoral or post-doctoral studies following a qualifying professional degree would also be considered.

[9]A study course that is a review of previous education.