Honours of the College 

The Honours of the College is presented to a regulated SLP or audiologist who has made a significant contribution to the professions of speech-language pathology or audiology in clinical practice, research/evaluation, mentorship/supervision, teaching, administration and/or service to ACSLPA. Nominees demonstrate distinguished and dedicated service to their profession.

In 2020, Gabriela Constantinescu was the recipient for Honours of the College. Gabi has been contributing back to the profession since her graduation and has received numerous accolades in this time. Gabi is well known for her research and device development to support feeding and swallowing. Congratulations Gabi!

Gabi had the following to say in her acceptance speech:

I would like to thank the College for this recognition and for going out of their way to make this a special occasion despite the circumstances in which we find ourselves. I also want to thank our College for their tireless efforts in promoting excellence in our profession and that of audiology, particularly while clinicians have to navigate their practice during a pandemic and lockdowns.

…There are so many clinicians out there that I feel deserve this recognition. You, the ones standing 8 to 10 hours on your feet doing swabs even though you were trained to do artic and language therapy, you, the ones who are getting carpal tunnel from pressing down on the hand sanitizer bottle so many times, you the ones who had to learn to adjust to ConnectCare just last year and just when you thought your load would ease up a bit, you got hit with a pandemic, you the ones who are expected to just do it all – manage caseloads in the face of cuts, continue to stay on top of literature and position papers, take on students, and also deal with the added stress of whether or not you’ll bump a friend or be bumped… You all deserve this recognition.

…I want thank my nominators, Georgina, Ted, and Jana who took the time to write such kind letters.

But I also wouldn’t be here without the help of so many wonderful people, people who believed in me before I did, people who pushed me when I wanted to give up, and people who challenged me when things got even slightly easier…

First, I would like to thank my parents who made a huge sacrifice of starting their lives from scratch so that I could have opportunities like this;

Next I’d like to thank The team at iRSM, past and present – working there has opened many doors for me, I met very talented, smart, and dedicated people, and I got to see firsthand glimpses of what life could be like if clinicians, patients, and researchers work together towards a common goal.

The many mentors over the years ….

I also want to thank my clinical colleagues and friends… who have gone above and beyond to help us recruit patient participants, have participated in research themselves, and have contributed to many things that we’ve done and are currently doing.

I would like to thank the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine and Covenant Health, as well as to all the funders who have supported our work, with a special mention to Alberta Cancer Foundation, Alberta Innovates, and ACSLPA…

Last but not least, I want to thank those very near and dear to me. Without the love and friendship of these very special people in my life, I wouldn’t have the stamina to keep going. And this is also the very reason why it’s so important to look after one another, especially now.

Thank you for this wonderful recognition.

In Gabi’s honour, ACSLPA had a professional interview done with her. To read about all of Gabi’s accomplishments, please click here.