Bill 21 – An Act to Protect Alberta Patients Mandatory Readings – The Option to Complete for Your CCP Requirements April 2019

Significant changes to the Health Professions Act regarding sexual abuse and sexual misconduct by health professionals are now officially in effect.

Required reading for all ACSLPA members include:

If you haven’t already completed your continuing competence program (CCP) requirements for 2019, consider changing your goal to focus on learnings related to sexual abuse and sexual misconduct considerations for health professionals.

Remember – your goal needs to be focused on the learning you want to achieve by reviewing the standard of practice and the guideline. For example:

“I will increase my knowledge and skills in the area of protection of the public regarding sexual abuse and sexual misconduct by health professionals. I am interested in learning more about requirement of health professionals in relation to the Health Professions Act and how I can be aware of professional boundaries to prevent any confusion or misperceptions in my interactions with patients”.

The learning activities that will assist you in obtaining this goal will be the readings you complete and the conversations that you may end up having with colleagues.

If you need to complete an external feedback option this year, you can complete a guideline/document review that addresses the guideline or the standards in detail.