Self-Assessment Tool (SAT)

Please note that the SAT portion of the member portal is currently under construction. Members are exempt from completing a SAT.

Continuing Competence Goal

Registered members must complete and submit the following annually:

  • A completed goal(s) for the past CCP year (reflection & learning activities)
  • A new goal(s) for the upcoming CCP year

Registered members can access their CCP documentation at any time throughout the year using their login information on the ACSLPA website. All documentation must be submitted online no later than the annual practice permit renewal process.

External Feedback

Registered members must complete one external feedback option at least once every three years. The three options include:

Registered members can access the external feedback options at any time throughout the year through the ‘My Learning’ tab in the member portal.

Continuing Competence Committee Audit Form

Under the HPA, the College is required to monitor the effectiveness of the CCP and each regulated member’s participation in the program. A random review/audit of regulated member CCP submissions is conducted by the Continuing Competency Committee annually.