Include specific references and dates.

  1. Reviewed the protocol binder regarding Pediatric Diagnostic Auditory Brainstem (ABR) Assessment: Procedures and Protocols (AHS Audiology Practice Guideline for use in the Alberta EHDI Program, draft 9/14/2017). During this review I typed noted regarding specific changes I need to make to my practice to be compliant with guidelines.
  2. Met with the EDHI audiologist monthly to complete one on one training and review my learning (April, May, and June).
  1. Gave numerous EHDI Hearing Screener training sessions (dates provided).
  2. Gave a presentation to Royal Alexandra Hospital pediatricians and NICU neonatologists (date provided).
  3. Obtained feedback from participants and colleagues who attended my presentation. Synthesized feedback for use in future presentations.
  4. Watched TED talk on public speaking on August 3 (website link provided here).
  1. Attended CAA conference in October. Sessions attended included: (titles of presentations included).
  1. Completed ACSLPA’s jurisprudence course and exam (provide date).
  1. I frequently and regularly met with colleagues whom I consider to be my mentors to discuss audiological cases. With their advice and guidance, I worked to expand my knowledge of providing recommendations of different and relevant types of amplification and assistive listening devices (dates provided).
  2. I attended multiple presentations/discussions about amplification from both representatives and audiologists who are employed by hearing aid manufacturing companies (presentation titles and dates provided).
  3. I reviewed website material to obtain current and up to date perspectives on the topics (specific titles of articles and website links provided).
  4. I went online to read blogs from hearing aid users in North America to better understand how users were feeling about the newest hearing aid technology (website links provided).