Include specific references and dates.

  1. Reviewed ACSLPA’s Guideline: Assessment of Children Who are ELL. Compared my practice against this guideline in order to complete my external feedback.
  2. Reviewed articles (provided specific references).
  3. Networked with colleagues (provided several dates).

I used self-study to complete this goal and sourced a great deal of information from the internet as well as reviewed chapters in SLP resource books and read journal articles.

  1. Websites visited: (included URLs).
  2. Journal articles read: (included references).
  3. Reviewed X textbook: (included reference).
  1. Read the SAC position paper “the role of SLPs with Respect to AAC (2015)”
  2. Read the textbook X (included reference)
  3. September/October – online review of multiple types of AAC apps (included URLs of websites visited).
  4. November 5/6 – attended PECS workshop.
  1. Throughout the year, I reviewed information found through some of the blogs I follow (provided names of blogs and hyperlinks).
  2. I networked with colleagues and together we developed group session materials that can be used in treatment (included dates).
  1. I participated in a community of practice where we reviewed specific cases (included dates).
  2. I read and reviewed X book (included reference).

I completed all the ACSLPA jurisprudence modules and exam on July 5th. In the fall (upon return from summer break), I had some conversations with my colleagues about our “aha moments” in the jurisprudence course.