Jurisprudence Education Requirements

Under ACSLPA policy, you must successfully complete the jurisprudence[12] education requirements of the College. The jurisprudence education requirements are a series of online education modules and an online multiple-choice examination. These are designed to help you gain knowledge and understanding of the important laws, rules, ethical/practice standards, and requirements of your health profession in Alberta.

New Regulated Members

ACSLPA will inform you of the jurisprudence education requirements and give you instructions to access the education materials. As a new regulated member, you will have a condition placed on your practice permit, stating that you must complete the ACSLPA jurisprudence education requirements. You will have 30 days to complete the required jurisprudence education requirement. If the requirement is not completed, your conditional practice permit will expire.

Existing Regulated Members

As of September 2016, the jurisprudence education requirement is voluntary if you are already on the General Register and the Non-Practicing Register of ACSLPA. It will become mandatory, however, at a future date, which is still being determined by the ACSLPA Council.

There is no cost to complete ACSLPA’s jurisprudence education requirements.

[12] The content of the field of law for your profession.