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In 2017, ACSLPA launched its new Facebook page: In conjunction with the Pan-Canadian Alliance (PCA), the #communicateawareness challenge was also conducted.

In 2016ACSLPA worked in conjunction with the Pan-Canadian Alliance (PCA) on a May Month promotional campaign asking people in Alberta and across the country to share their stories related to communication.

PCA and Speech-Language and Audiology Canada (SAC) developed a short compilation video featuring several touching clips of Canadians explaining how a speech-language pathologist or audiologist helped them. To view, click the following: YouTube: #Maymonthstories 

In 2015, ACSLPA was pleased to support Speech-Language and Audiology Canada’s focus on Communication Health and Aging. It highlighted speech-language, swallowing, hearing, and balance information and was sent to long-term care and continuing care facilities across the province. Feel free to print a copy and share with colleagues, clients, family, and friends!

In 2014, as part of our member service and advocacy initiatives, ACSLPA partnered with several provincial associations and with Speech-Language and Audiology Canada (SAC) (otherwise known as the Pan-Canadian Alliance) to develop SLP and Audiology Facts at Your Fingertips information sheets that were shared with provincial MLAs and federal MPs.

In 2013, ACSLPA, in conjunction with the Pan-Canadian Alliance, carried out an awareness campaign that included communication strategy tip sheets (Listen Well and Be Heard) for use by provincial MLAs and federal MPs: