Professional Liability Insurance: New Requirements – Effective Registration Renewal for 2020

Come renewal for 2020, which commences in October, you will need to purchase your own PLI and you will need to provide evidence of this coverage when you complete your renewal online.

ACSLPA Council has recently approved a change in our PLI policy that, effective for 2020, will require a) all members on the general register and b) those on the courtesy register providing a health service directly to the public to hold their own PLI policy. Previously, either employer coverage or individually held coverage was allowed.

In addition to holding your own PLI:

  • requirements will increase from a minimum $1,000,000.00 coverage to a minimum $2,000,000.00 coverage per occurrence (and FYI – the links to insurers below all meet this requirement)
  • An extended discovery and reporting period of a minimum of two years will be obligatory.

Where Can You Access Individual PLI Coverage for 2020?

Many insurance companies offer PLI coverage. When seeking coverage, be sure that you are covered to at least include the minimum requirements listed above.

If you are a member of Speech-Language and Audiology Canada (SAC) PLI plans are available. Sheppard Insurance is another example of a company that offers PLI to SLPs and audiologists. Information regarding these plans can be accessed at the following links:

Sheppard Insurance –

NOTICE: ACSLPA has become aware that some members were previously advised by Sheppard Insurance that the extended reporting period requirement could not be met with their standard policy. ACSLPA has received confirmation that Sheppard has a solution that resolves any concerns with meeting this requirement. Members who have recently renewed with Sheppard can expect updated information about their policy directly from Sheppard Insurance. Please contact Sheppard Insurance directly if you would like further clarification.

Click here for information regarding the rationale for this policy change and for further information regarding PLI.

Questions? Feel free to contact the ACSLPA office at or