Find a registered ACSLPA audiologist or SLP.

The ACSLPA Find an Audiologist or SLP directory provides a list of members with a practice permit who have chosen to provide their contact information to the public.

Find a publicly funded Audiologist or SLP

A person may be referred to an audiologist by their physician or may find one on their own. A referral is not necessary to see a registered audiologist.

Find a private practice audiologist

Check the Yellow Pages or Canpages for listings under ‘Audiologist‘, visit the Alberta Association of Audiologists or visit Speech-Language and Audiology Canada (SAC).

Find a private practice speech-language pathologist

Check your local Yellow Pages listing under ‘Speech Therapy’ or ‘Speech-Language Pathology’, visit Alberta Speech-Language Association of Private Practitioners (ASAPP) or Speech-Language and Audiology Canada (SAC).