The agenda for upcoming ACSLPA Council meetings will be posted here. At the completion of the meeting, highlights will be posted.

Highlights from the March 9 Council meeting in Calgary:

  • ACSLPA’s financial auditor presented the December 31, 2023 audit findings report to Council.
  • Council accepted and approved the College’s 2023 financial statements.
  • Council accepted and adopted ACSLPA’s first risk register.
  • The College’s Complaints Director presented an update on current trends in professional conduct.
  • Council discussed pursuing an advanced authorization for SLP’s to order ionizing radiation for the purpose of videofluoroscopic swallowing studies.
  • 2024 works plans for Council’s committees were approved.
  • Several Council and CCP policies were revised or rescinded.
  • Council accepted the Registration Committee’s 2023 report and approved revised terms of reference for the committee.
  • Council approved rescinding an appointment to the Registration Committee and the Membership List (list from which regulated members are drawn for appointments to both hearing tribunals and complaint review committees).
  • 2024 goals were approved for the Registrar and the CEO.
  • ACSLPA’s senior leadership presented an update on recent and emerging issues.
  • Council discussed and signed ACSLPA’s Code of Conduct and Confidentiality Agreement.