It is ACSLPA’s responsibility to receive, investigate, and address complaints of unprofessional conduct. This responsibility is known as the complaints process or the professional conduct process.

The practice of all speech-language pathologists and audiologists must meet the minimum professional requirements outlined in our Key College Documents and as required by the Health Professions Act. However, mistakes may happen, or concerns may arise. If concerning practice has affected you, or someone you know, or if you believe a mistake was made, you may submit a complaint to the College.

If you have questions about submitting a complaint, we encourage you to review our frequently asked questions. Anyone may submit a complaint about a speech-language pathologist or audiologist and there is no cost to submit a complaint. There are some things that the College cannot do or provide you within the complaint process.

The College aims to address complaints fairly and efficiently. For more information on the complaints process, we encourage you to review our overview of the process.

The information on this page should not be considered as legal advice and is intended to provide general information on the complaints process. ACSLPA encourages you to seek legal advice if you wish to do so.