ACSLPA is recognized as being a proactive, engaged, and solution-focused regulator.


ACSLPA regulates the practice of speech-language pathologists and audiologists on behalf of all Albertans by establishing, maintaining, and enforcing standards for competent, safe, and ethical practice.


In delivering on its mission and mandate ACSLPA demonstrates the following values:

Collaboration – ACSLPA engages meaningfully, respectfully, and proactively with the public, regulated members, government, volunteers, and all stakeholders.

Equity – ACSLPA recognizes the importance of diversity in backgrounds, experiences, voices, and perspectives, and supports and promotes equity and inclusion through its policies, practices, and requirements.

Continuous Improvement – ACSLPA adapts, learns, and grows to meet the evolving needs and expectations of the public, regulated members, government, and all stakeholders.

Transparency – ACSLPA works to ensure that processes, decisions, and requirements are clear and accessible to affected parties and to all stakeholders.

Accountability – ACSLPA takes responsibility for its actions and decisions, and is answerable for them, just as it holds regulated members accountable for their actions as professionals.

Proactivity  ACSLPA identifies and mitigates risks, taking actions and making decisions proportionate to the risks and appropriate in the circumstances.

Fairness – ACSLPA is committed to the procedural fairness of its policies, processes, and practices.

Revised and approved by ACSLPA Council November 19, 2022