The College is committed to accountability of regulated members by publishing Hearing Tribunal decisions and other outcomes from the complaints process, as applicable. Hearing Tribunal decisions based in whole or in part of findings of sexual abuse or sexual misconduct are published indefinitely.

A Hearing Tribunal decision includes findings of unprofessional conduct and related penalties, remediation or outcomes. There are many possible outcomes, including:

  • Caution or reprimand about their unprofessional conduct
  • Education
  • Suspension of the regulated member’s permit for a period of time
  • Payment of a fine
  • Cancellation of their permit
  • Supervision or monitoring in the regulated member’s practice setting

A regulated member may also be asked to pay the costs, or a portion of the costs, arising from the hearing process.

Please note that certain information may be redacted from Hearing Tribunal decisions in accordance with the Health Professions Act, including but not limited to health or personal information.

For any requirement, penalty, or remediation arising from resolution or a hearing decision, a corresponding condition is posted on the regulated member’s permit until the requirement, penalty or remediation is completed by the Regulated Member, whether or not the decision is published. Once a requirement, penalty or remediation is completed, the corresponding condition is removed.

Click here to review a regulated member’s practice permit which will indicate any outstanding conditions.

Hearing Decisions

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Disciplinary Agreements

The information on this page should not be considered as legal advice and is intended to provide general information on the complaints process. ACSLPA encourages you to seek legal advice if you wish to do so.