Practice Assessment – FAQs

What if I have a conflict of interest with my assigned interviewer/assessor?

Regulated members should identify any conflict of interest with the proposed interviewer/assessor as soon as possible after being informed of the identity of their interviewer/assessor. The appropriate practice advisor should be contacted with this information so that a different interviewer/assessor can be assigned to conduct their interview/on-site practice visit. There is no consequence to identifying a conflict of interest with an interviewer/assessor and doing so will not impact evaluation of the regulated member’s performance in any stage of the practice assessment.

What if I have a concern about something that happened during the practice assessment?

Regulated members should address any concerns they may have about the practice assessment with their interviewer or assessor as they arise. If the matter is not resolved, regulated members can contact their practice advisor to discuss the issue. The College encourages regulated members to bring forward any concerns that arise during their participation in any of the practice assessment stages of the CCP. All regulated members who take part in the practice assessment will be given the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience with a structured survey after each stage.