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The Health Professions Act (HPA) defines competence as “the combined knowledge, skills, attitudes and judgment required to provide professional services”. The HPA requires all Colleges to have a Continuing Competence Program (CCP) in place to monitor the ongoing competence of regulated members and enhance the provision of professional services.

Under the HPA, participation in the CCP is mandatory for all registrants on the General Register and is a requirement for practice permit renewal; non-compliance is considered to be unprofessional conduct. Registrants are required to submit their CCP documentation online annually as part of their practice permit renewal process. Each year, Regulated members will be informed by email, when the CCP opens and the deadline for completion.

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Regulated members with a diagnosis of a disability may request accommodation with respect to completion of any part of the CCP. The information below outlines the process and how to complete a request for accommodation.

The Process:

  • Regulated members requiring accommodation need to contact their Audiology or SLP Advisor to identify:
    • The CCP process for which an accommodation is required;
    • The reason for the accommodation request; and
    • Any specific accommodation that is being requested.

Regulated members are asked to contact the College as soon as they are aware that an accommodation for a CCP process is required, or at least 15 days before the deadline of the CCP process for which they need an accommodation.

  • The Advisor will listen to the regulated member and discuss the accommodation requested. The member may be required to provide supporting documentation from a qualified health professional to support their request for an accommodation. Only medical information relevant to the accommodation will be requested.
  • An accommodation plan will be developed which will detail:
    • The regulated member’s name;
    • The CCP process(es) for which the accommodation applies;
    • The identified accommodation to help the regulated member complete the CCP process(es); and
    • The timeframe for review of the accommodation plan.
  • The regulated member’s accommodation plan will remain confidential to the greatest degree possible.

Contact Information for Advisors:
Phone: 780-944-1609 or email: contact us and choose either Professional Guidance for Audiologists or SLPs.

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Regulated members may lodge a request with the Competence Committee for reconsideration of any decision made during the practice assessment stage of the program. The form below contains more information and an area to complete and return to your Practice Advisor.

Request for Reconsideration Form

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