We recognize that coming forward with a complaint about sexual abuse or sexual misconduct can be very difficult. ACSLPA’s primary objective is to remove the barriers that hinder reporting of sexual abuse and misconduct by creating a safe reporting environment.  ACSLPA cannot perform its mandate in protecting the public and putting a stop to these behaviours if we are unaware of the issues. When you believe a speech-language pathologist or audiologist may have committed sexual abuse or sexual misconduct our priority is you. Once you are in a safe place and you are able, please review our website information.

Our Complaints Against a Member page describes the complaints process in easy actions including the steps for Filing a Complaint. If you wish to speak to someone directly, please contact the Complaints Director through a confidential number at 587-635-0204. Once you contact us, we can assist you with tools such as our Patient Relations Program.  We can also put you into contact with a Patient Advocate to assist you in the process.

Within 30 days of receiving a complaint, the Complaints Director must give written notice to the complainant of the action that will be taken. The process for sexual abuse and sexual misconduct is similar to that of Acting on a Complaint with the exception that:

 Section 55(1)(2)(a) &(b) does not apply: The Complaints Director will not encourage the complainant and the investigated person to communicate with each other and resolve the complaint; nor make a referral to an alternative complaint resolution process under Division 2.