If you feel you have experienced sexual abuse or sexual misconduct by a speech-language pathologist or audiologist, please contact the ACSLPA Complaints Director at 780-944-1609. Your concern will be handled in a supportive and respectful manner. The Complaints Director will assist you in exploring the complaints process.

ACSLPA’s Patient Relations Program

Under the Health Professions Act (HPA), ACSLPA must have a Patient Relations Program which includes measures for preventing and addressing sexual abuse and sexual misconduct by ACSLPA members towards their patients. The Patient Relations Program also strives to support patients who are the victims of sexual abuse or sexual misconduct by regulated members.


The following resources are provided to help you access the information and supports that may help you.

  • MyHealth Alberta (information source, search “sexual assault” or “sexual abuse”)
  • 211 Alberta 24 Hour Information and Referral Service (search “sexual assault” or “sexual abuse”).
    You can also reach the Alberta 211 call centres on the following toll-free numbers:
    Calgary: Central Alberta & Alberta South 1-855-266-1605
    Edmonton: Alberta North 1-888-482-4696
  • Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services (AASAS)
  • Health Link Alberta (Dial 811)

Funding for Treatment and Counselling

ACSLPA provides funding for treatment or counselling for patients who have experienced sexual abuse or sexual misconduct by an ACSLPA member. Please contact the ACSLPA Registrar & CEO for enquiries.

Email: r e g i s t r a r @ a c s l p a . c a
Phone: 780-944-1609, ext. #102
Toll free: 1-800-537-0589, ext. #102

Educational Requirements for Regulated SLPs and Audiologists related to the Prevention of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct

  1. Review ACSLPA’s Standards of Practice for the Prevention of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct.
  2. Declare at the time of renewal for 2020 that they have reviewed both the Standards and the Educational Guideline.
  3. Members will be required to complete the ACSLPA Jurisprudence eLearning modules at least every 5 years. A module will be included on the prevention of sexual abuse and sexual misconduct. All new members to the college must complete the jurisprudence training within their first 30 days as regulated members.

Staff, Council, Committee Training

Staff have received education and training to prevent and address sexual abuse of and sexual misconduct towards patients. Training is provided to all new staff within 3 months of commencement and existing staff receive refresher training every 5 years.

ACSLPA Council and Hearing Tribunal/Complaint Review Committee members receive training when first elected/appointed, and further training when selected to sit on a tribunal/appeal panel. Their training includes information regarding Trauma Informed Practice and sexual violence.

Individuals may also have access to funding for services through private insurance/benefits plans (e.g., Alberta Blue Cross, Employee and Family Assistance Plan, etc).