Regulated members with a diagnosis of a disability may request accommodation with respect to completion of any part of the CCP. The information below outlines the process and how to complete a request for accommodation.

The Process:

  • Regulated members requiring accommodation need to contact their Audiology or SLP Advisor to identify:
    • The CCP process for which an accommodation is required;
    • The reason for the accommodation request; and
    • Any specific accommodation that is being requested.

Regulated members are asked to contact the College as soon as they are aware that an accommodation for a CCP process is required, or at least 15 days before the deadline of the CCP process for which they need an accommodation.

  • The Advisor will listen to the regulated member and discuss the accommodation requested. The member may be required to provide supporting documentation from a qualified health professional to support their request for an accommodation. Only medical information relevant to the accommodation will be requested.
  • An accommodation plan will be developed which will detail:
    • The regulated member’s name;
    • The CCP process(es) for which the accommodation applies;
    • The identified accommodation to help the regulated member complete the CCP process(es); and
    • The timeframe for review of the accommodation plan.
  • The regulated member’s accommodation plan will remain confidential to the greatest degree possible.

Contact Information for Advisors:
Phone: 780-944-1609 or email: contact us and choose either Professional Guidance for Audiologists or SLPs.