Maybe. Unless a standardized test includes normative data for administration over the same medium, you would not be able to report the standardized scores (percentile ranks, standard scores). Although raw scores could be reported, they generally don’t add much value to your diagnosis. If administering standardized tests through telepractice, you will probably need to use the information in a “dynamic” or qualitative manner – it may help you to form your clinical impression/diagnosis. Bear in mind that some tests cannot be re-administered in a certain timeframe, so if you use it informally and then have the opportunity to reassess a client soon (in person, should the public health orders be removed), you may not be able to use that same test.

Although you may not be able to do the typical assessments, there are many things you can do to get to a clinical impression. You can use questionnaires, language samples, and observation through telepractice.

Some test manufacturers include information about test administrtion via telepractice. Reviewing what is possible and allowable by the test manufacturer is reommended.