These are clients:

  • Whose permanent address will no longer be in Alberta,
  • Who are moving to another province/territory in Canada or internationally,
  • Who will not be returning to reside in Alberta, and
  • Who would like to receive virtual services from their Alberta-based SLP or audiologist.

ACSLPA regulated members must inquire about registrations requirements with the regulatory body in the client’s new place of residence in order to determine what type of registration might be required to provide ongoing services.

From ACSLPA’s viewpoint, regulated members who hold the appropriate registration in the client’s new place of residence may provide services in this situation, but they are not obligated to provide ongoing services to clients who permanently move out of the province of Alberta. Regulated members may also choose to provide bridging or transitional services to clients who are permanently moving out of Alberta (e.g., educating the client on management of their care post-discharge, or facilitating referrals to services in the client’s new place of residence). Whether providing bridging or longer-term virtual services, ACSLPA regulated members must ensure that they obtain and maintain the appropriate registration or license to practice in the client’s new place of residence for the duration of service provision to the client.

Within Canada:

ACSLPA regulated members with clients moving to Ontario, Manitoba, New Brunswick, or Saskatchewan can apply for cross-provincial practice registration, which allows SLPs and audiologists to provide a limited amount of care across provincial boundaries in these provinces. Click here for more information.

Regulated members with clients moving to provinces/territories other than the ones listed above should contact the applicable College or Association directly for more information on registration requirements.