Your application for registration with ACSLPA must be completed and submitted using the online portal and application form. You will be required to create a profile with ACSLPA to complete the online application for registration process.

After all the necessary documents are received, the Registrar will review your application and will then:

  • Approve you for registration and issue an annual practice permit; or
  • Approve you for registration and issue an annual practice permit with specific conditions, limits, or restrictions on your practice, or
  • Refer your application to the Registration Committee.


  • Missing documents will delay the review process.
  • Registration applications expire six months after the date we receive the application form. If we receive documents to support the application, but not the application form itself within 6 months from receipt of the first document, we will close the application and destroy the documents. Applicants who anticipate difficulties submitting all required documentation within the six-month timeline should contact the Senior Regulatory Coordinator to discuss the specifics of their circumstance.
  • In the interests of privacy, ACSLPA staff will only discuss the specifics of an application or registration with the individual applicant or member, unless written permission has been granted to allow disclosure of information to a third party.