Once a complaint is submitted, it is reviewed by the Complaints Director.

The Complaints Director is an employee of the College who reviews, manages and addresses complaints. They are provided authority from the Health Professions Act to make certain decisions during the complaints process.

 You will also receive a copy of the complaint made against you and the Complaints Director will contact you to discuss the complaint.

The Complaints Director will provide notice to the complainant, and you, of the action taken.

There are many possible actions, and each depends on the facts, circumstances and complexity of the complaint.

The Complaints Director may:

  • Encourage you and the complainant to communicate with each other and resolve the complaint.
  • Resolve the complaint with the consent of the you and the complainant.
  • Refer the complaint to an investigation.
  • Refer the complaint to an expert for a report.
  • Dismiss the complaint.
  • Make directions related to your fitness to practice.

Certain actions are not available for complaints relating to sexual abuse or sexual misconduct.