This module contains outdated information about ACSLPA’s Continuing Competence Program (CCP). ACSLPA is in the process of updating the Jurisprudence modules. 

4.1 Module 4 Pre-test (Online | PDF | eBook) – Three ways to assess your prior knowledge about professional practice.

4.2 Video presentation – Narrated video with notes (23 slides).

4.3 Podcast – Click to listen, or right-click to download the narration audio file to listen off-line (28:20 minutes – 25.96 MB).

4.4 Interactive podcast app – Randomly select and search presentation slides and audio narration; download to mobile devices for just-in-time learning and convenient look-ups of information.

4.5 Handout notes (PDF | eBook) – Printable and digital interactive versions of the slides and narration for this module.

4.6 Module summary (PDF | eBook) – Short printable and digital interactive versions of the key points in this module.

4.7 Knowledge checkup (Online | PDF | eBook) – Nine open-ended questions on Module 4 in 3 different formats.

4.8 Module 4 Quiz (Online | PDF | eBook) – A quiz on professional practice in 3 different formats (27 questions).