I keep getting an error message on my employer information in the profile update.
  • Supervisor name and phone number are mandatory fields.
  • If you are your own supervisor use your own name and number in those fields or indicate N/A or self.
I just started a private practice – how do I enter my employer name?
  • Enter “private practice” (on the searchable list) as your employer name.
I am Non-Practicing but want to return to active practice later in the year, how should I proceed?
  • If you will be on a temporary leave during the first part of the registration year (e.g., maternity leave), you may wish to renew as a Non-Practicing member.
  • You will pay the registration fee as a Non-Practicing member. When you return later in the year, you will pay a practice permit fee for each month that you plan to work in the year.
  • You are not required to complete the Continuing Competence Program if you are renewing as Non-Practicing.
  • At least two weeks prior to your return to work in the registration year, use the Member Portal to apply for your practice permit.
  • Non-practicing members must verify that they meet current qualification hours and PLI requirements to acquire a practice permit.
I’m going on maternity leave in January, do I still need to renew?
  • If you will be on maternity leave for the entire month of January, you will renew using the “non-practicing” renewal button.
  • If you will be working at all in January, you will need to renew using the “General” renewal button.
I am renewing from Non-Practicing to Practicing. Why am I unable to enter my employment information?
  • You will be able to enter your pending employment information after January 1st.
I am leaving the college/retiring.
What should I do?
  • Please complete your renewal using the “archived” renewal button (you may need to scroll down to see the Archived button). This alerts the college that you do not intend to renew as practicing/non-practicing and will save you from reminder emails and ongoing follow-up from the ACSLPA office.
  • If you have been a member of ACSLPA in good standing, you may be eligible for the Retired/Honourary member register.  Please contact the ACSLPA office for further information.
    1-800-537-0589, 780-944-1609 or use the Contact Us form.
I receive an error message that my renewal can’t be processed at this time.
  • There are a few reasons your renewal might be “blocked.” Some of the more common reasons are:
    • You will not be able to submit an email change in the renewal process.
      • You may have insufficient hours.
      • You may have requested changes to your legal name.
      • You haven’t provided PLI information.
      • You haven’t completed your CCP requirements.
      • You are currently non-practicing (do not have a valid practice permit) and wish to renew for the upcoming year as a practicing member (with a valid practice permit).
    • The ACSLPA office will contact you if your renewal needs more information or feel free to call the office if you have questions.
How do I purchase an optional annual wall display style practice permit?
  • After your fees are paid you can purchase an optional 8 ½” by 11” practice permit certificate through the ACSLPA website.

Click here if you are ready to purchase.