The length of time required for a registration decision will vary, but in general, is as follows:

Applicant Type Approximate Minimum Length of Time Required to Process Application*
Graduates of a Canadian Accredited Program (not registered with another SLP/audiology regulatory body in Canada). 1 – 2 weeks
New Graduates of a United States (US) American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) Accredited Program 2 – 3 weeks
Applicable if you are moving to practice in Alberta and are currently registered in a fully practicing regulated membership category in any Canadian province. All Canadian provinces regulate the professions of SLP and Audiology. Please note that the Canadian territories do not currently regulate SLP and Audiology practice (click here to review categories). 1 – 2 weeks
Applicants registered in a fully practicing membership category with an SLP/Audiology licensing body in the US that has substantially equivalent requirements to ACSLPA** 2 – 3 weeks
All other applicants (e.g., applicants educated outside of Canada or the US, graduates of non-accredited Canadian and American programs, applicants from American jurisdictions that do not have substantially equivalent requirements to ACSLPA). Variable but typically within 2 – 4 months***

* This is the minimum length of time we need to process your application after you have submitted all the required documents.

** These applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis in order to determine substantial equivalency.

*** This is not the length of time it will take to become registered; this is the length of time it will take to receive an interim registration decision (e.g., determination of substantial equivalency of qualifications, clearance to complete an entry-to-practice examination, approval of conditional registration for the purposes of completing supervised practice, or any additional requirements).