ACSLPA doesn’t endorse or recommend any one platform over another. There are many possible options. Members will need to look at their options and make an informed decision about the platform chosen.

When thinking about meeting privacy requirements, consider:

  1. Encryption of audio and video should be end-to-end.
  2. The platform should not record/store those video sessions unless we ask it to (we need to be able to tell our clients how their information is collected, stored, used and disclosed).
  3. Where is the data stored? Although there’s no requirement that it’s stored in Canada, it is important to know that information stored on US servers can be accessed under the US laws (USA Patriot Act, USA Freedom Act). This information would need to be shared with clients as part of gathering informed consent.

Members should have sound reasoning for choosing the platform they do. In all cases, the use of encrypted platforms is preferred. However, in certain situations, it may be acceptable to use another platform that is more easily accessible to your client. ACSLPA members will need to carefully consider the risks of using unsecure platforms.

ACSLPA members must make the best decision they can for which platform they choose to use. Members should have sound reasons for their choice and should take steps to mitigate risks to clients.

It is common for employing agencies to recommend and support a particular platform. As employees of these agencies, ACSLPA members would typically follow the guidance provided by their employer. Members should still be prudent consumers of the advice they receive from their employer and ask clarifying questions as needed to ensure privacy can be met. Following employer protocols can be included as justification for the member’s choice of platform.