ACSLPA appreciates that this is a particularly challenging time for everyone. It is recognized that a balance can be struck between protecting the public and offering some accommodations to ACSLPA members to reduce some of the pressures that individuals are facing.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, ACSLPA is implementing some interim changes to the CCP requirements.


Members who were randomly chosen for CCP audits this year will still receive feedback from the Competence Committee regarding their 2019 CCP submission. For this year’s audit only, audited members will no longer be required to add details/make changes to their 2019 goals, activities or reflections. Members should pay close attention to the feedback the competence committee provides as they will need to enhance their future submissions.

If members are required to make changes to their 2020 goal, this must still be completed. Members will have until September 1, 2020 to make the required changes to their 2020 goal.

External Feedback

A large number of members would normally be required to complete external feedback in 2020. These members are being granted a one-year “exemption” and will instead have until 2021 to complete their external feedback.

Members who are still able to complete their external feedback in 2020 are encouraged to do so.

Questions about the competence program and changes due to COVID-19 can be directed to