Here are some of the changes to the new member database:

How to login to your profile

  • Your login information has changed:
    • You now login using the email address you have on file with ACSLPA (you do not enter your registration number).
    • Your password has not changed – use the one you were using with the old version.
    • If you forget your password, click on the “forgot your password” link.
  • The SAT and external feedback sections are still under construction. We are working hard to have them available in August.

Public Directory

  • More information is available to the public as required under the revised Health Professions Act.

Profile Update

  • Additional information will be required the first time you submit your profile update.
    • Supervisor name and phone number are now mandatory. If you’re your own supervisor (private practice), enter your own name in the box (or “self”) and use your own contact number.
    • Insurance – Insured with BMS through SAC? Watch for the box where you need to provide your certificate number to go with your group policy.
    • Employment status – select a current status from the dropdown box.
  • Use the “add” button to make any changes to your profile. You must click the “submit” button at the bottom of the page to save and submit those changes. If you click the “add” button by mistake, you can delete the section that opens by clicking on the little orange garbage can to the right of the section. Deletions are permanent!
  • If you have a name change, upload your documents (PDF or image file only) online. You can also add a preferred name without any documentation.

Reminder: As in the previous version, you are unable to update your education online. To make changes to your education you need to contact the ACLSPA office.

Important Notes:

  • the system will time out after 20 minutes of inactivity – save your work before you walk away; and
  • system generated email may wind up in your junk folder – check it often!

Questions? Stuck? Please don’t get frustrated, call the ACSLPA office for help!