Frequently Asked Questions2021-07-20T11:40:08-06:00
How and when do I submit my CCP?2021-07-20T11:33:16-06:00

Submit your CCP via the ‘My learning’ tab in the member portal. You can enter and update your current goal, activities and reflection any time throughout the year. You can also complete your external feedback anytime throughout the year. You will not be able to renew for the next year until all CCP requirements are complete. You will set your goal for the upcoming year at the time of renewal.

What information should I include in my goal?2021-07-20T11:22:02-06:00

Your goal only needs to identify what you plan to learn about during the year. Be specific.

When it’s time to reflect on your goal, you will indicate the activities you completed and how your competence was impacted.

For goal examples visit CCP Examples.

Do I need to complete a CCP if I’m not working at the moment?2021-07-20T11:15:03-06:00

Yes, if you have maintained your practice permit during the year. If you are currently non-practicing, you are exempt from the CCP.

I’m currently on medical leave – what should I do?2021-07-20T11:12:39-06:00

To be temporarily exempted from participating in CCP, you will need to submit a note to ACSLPA from your physician.

I’m moving out of Alberta. Do I need to submit anything?2021-07-20T11:11:28-06:00

Even if you are no longer going to be a regulated member of ACSLPA, it is recommended that you complete all CCP requirements prior to resigning from ACSLPA.

I just became a member of ACSLPA, what do I need to complete this year for my CCP?2021-07-20T11:09:59-06:00

You will need to complete your first CCP submission after your first renewal as practicing. Completion of one of three external feedback options is required by the time of your third renewal as a practicing member.

What if I can’t accomplish my goal or my goal is no longer relevant?2021-07-20T11:03:33-06:00

If you are unable to accomplish your goal, you have the following options:

  • Provide an update of the activities that you were able to complete. If these were minimal or none.
  • Write a new goal applicable to your practice.
  • It is not acceptable to merely indicate that you have not completed your goal.
What if I can’t accomplish my goal in one year?2021-07-20T10:52:58-06:00

If your goal is long-term and will carry over from year to year, you must set a short-term goal toward the long-term goal, and evaluate how progress on the goal has affected your practice.

What happens if I don’t submit my CCP?2021-07-20T10:49:23-06:00

The CCP is tethered to renewal. If you have not completed your goal and reflection for the current year, you will not be able to progress to the next step in renewal. You will not be able to complete your renewal if all portions of your CCP have not been completed. This could impact your ability to practice in the coming year.

What happens if my CCP is audited?2021-07-20T11:39:40-06:00

20% of member programs are randomly chosen each year for audit. The purpose of the audit is to ensure that the individual registered member is complying with the program requirements, and to ensure that ACSLPA monitors, adjusts and modifies the CCP program to reflect current practice.

If you are selected for audit you will be notified.


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