The ACSLPA Courtesy Register allows practitioners to be registered in Alberta for a short term for a narrowly focused specific purpose, provided they are registered in good standing in another jurisdiction.


An applicant requesting registration on the courtesy register is eligible to be registered if they meet the following requirements to the satisfaction of the ACSLPA Registrar:

  1. Complete the approved application form, including a description of the purpose for which registration is requested and the start and end dates required to complete the purpose. The application form includes the following declarations:
    1. Commitment to abide by regulations, practice standards, guidelines, and the Code of Ethics in Alberta, and
    2. Commitment to cease practice and notify the Registrar immediately if their registration in the home jurisdiction is cancelled, suspended, or has conditions imposed upon it, or if they become the subject of a complaint or investigation in the home jurisdiction
  2. Pay the registration fee (if required)
  3. Provide:
    1. proof of registration and good standing in another regulated jurisdiction (the home jurisdiction), recognized by the Registrar as having regulation substantially equivalent to that set out by the Alberta Health Professions Act
    2. confirmation of the expiry date of registration in the home jurisdiction
    3. confirmation of professional liability insurance coverage in Alberta if the purpose of registration is to provide a health service to the public
    4. proof of eligibility to work in Canada if the home jurisdiction is outside of Canada, and
    5. evidence satisfactory to the Registrar that the applicant has the necessary competencies to carry out the purpose for which the registration is requested.

Duration of Courtesy Registration

  1. A courtesy registration may be approved for a period of up to one year for a purpose approved by the Registrar.
  2. The period of registration will not be approved for any longer than is reasonable to complete the purpose for which registration is requested.
  3. If the person’s registration is set to expire in their home jurisdiction before the expiry of their courtesy registration, they will have to provide confirmation of renewal at least one week before the expiry date in their home jurisdiction.
  4. The Registrar will cancel or suspend a courtesy registration, at the Registrar’s discretion, if the registration in the home jurisdiction has lapsed for any reason and/or for any period of time.
  5. A person registered on the Courtesy Register may practice for up to a maximum of 100 hours in a given 365-day period (i.e., one-year period from the start date of the courtesy registration). Following completion of the 365-day period, they may submit subsequent applications for registration on the Courtesy Register, but they are not eligible for renewal. Should they wish to practice beyond the 100-hour maximum, they will need to submit application for registration on the General Register.

Acceptable Purposes of a Courtesy Registration

The Registrar may approve courtesy registration, at the Registrar’s sole discretion, for purposes including the following:

  1. conducting a speech-language pathology or audiology training course or clinical presentation at an approved site;*
  2. conducting or engaging in an approved research program through a recognized research organization;*
  3. conducting or engaging in an accreditation program visit;*
  4. demonstrating equipment or techniques to be used in providing clinical care;*
  5. completing an internship or residency (or similar on-the-job training) for the purpose of developing specific clinical skills or competencies;**
  6. providing short-term SLP or audiology services for the purpose of ensuring continuity of care for a client who is travelling or returning to Alberta if treatment was started in the home jurisdiction;**
  7. providing short-term SLP or audiology services to ensure continuity of care through an employer that provides services in multiple jurisdictions if the Alberta SLP or audiologist who would normally provide care is temporarily unavailable;** and
  8. providing short term specialist SLP or audiology services if no local SLP or audiologist with the necessary competencies is available to provide services in a reasonable timeframe or within reasonable geographic proximity to the client, given the circumstances of the situation.**


*Purposes 1 through 4, as outlined above – No charge

**Purposes 5 through 8, as outlined above (not to exceed 1 year in total duration) – $100.00 CDN

Click here to access the Courtesy Registration application form and cost.

If you have any questions, please contact our Registration Coordinator through the ACSLPA Contact Us Form.