11.1 Supervised Practice

The purpose of supervised practice is to update your knowledge base and skills, to re-establish your professional networks, and to provide you with support as you return to a more active level of practice.

In order to be considered acceptable to the Registrar, a period of supervised practice must include the following features:

11.1.1 The supervisor must:

  1. be a practicing member of ACSLPA,
  2. have a minimum of 5 years of clinical experience in their respective profession,
  3. be of good character and reputation,
  4. be in good standing with ACSLPA and not be subject to any complaints or investigations at the time of the supervision, and
  5. be approved as a supervisor by the Registrar.

11.1.2 A supervised practice plan (refer to Appendix 8a and 8b of this document), must be developed and accepted by the Registrar, the supervisor, and the member or applicant prior to the commencement of the supervised practice period.

1. You will receive a temporary practice permit with the condition that you must practice under supervision for a specified minimum number of hours. There may also be additional conditions on the practice permit (these will clearly be outlined as required).
2. Your supervised practice will include both direct and indirect supervision – refer to supervised practice plan Appendix 8a and 8b for further information.
3. Your supervisor will review written reports, charting, etc. during the supervised practice time.
4. Your supervisor may ask you to complete additional requirements for directed readings and related activities.
5.This period of supervised practice will allow you to gain experience in a number of areas that would be reflective of clinical practice.

11.1.3 The completed supervised practice plan and any other information requested by the Registrar must be submitted upon completion of the supervised practice, and the Registrar must be satisfied that yout have demonstrated your competence to practice as an audiologist or speech-language pathologist.  Once this occurs, we will remove the condition for supervised practice and you will be issued a new practice permit for what remains of the registration/calendar year.