11.3 Members Who Have Practiced Greater Than 50 Hours and Less Than 1250 Hours in the Previous Five Years

If, as a member or an applicant, you have completed some practice within the past 5 years (i.e., >50 but <1250-hour requirement), you will be required to complete a supervised practice period based on the extent of your hours deficiency, as reported over the past five registration renewals. The number of hours will be determined using the following formula:

deficiency in hrs    =           x     
      1250 hrs                   450 hrs*

*where 450 hours refers to the length of supervised practice period that is typically required of members or applicants who have not accrued any practice hours over the preceding five-year period (the typical “maximum” supervised practice period).

11.3.1 The duration of supervised practice may be extended if there is ongoing concern regarding competence to practice.