11.5 Members Whose Currency Hours Continue to Fall Short of Requirements Post-Supervision

If you successfully complete the supervised practice period and demonstrate competence to the satisfaction of the Registrar, but continue to fall below the minimum currency threshold of 1250 hours over a five-year period at the time of your next registration renewal, you will be required to:

  1. Participate in the Continuing Competence Audit and the interview component of the Practice Assessment phase of the Continuing Competence Program (this is coming into effect in 2023).
  2. Dependent on the outcome of the interview, you will either exit the assessment phase at this point or you will proceed through the assessment phase components as required. Please refer to the Continuing Competence Program manual for details.
  3. This process may be repeated up to a maximum of two renewals prior to requiring another period of supervised practice, the length of which will be determined as per 11.3 above.