4.1.1 General Register Member

About this category:
  • Required for speech-language pathologists and audiologists working in clinical, administrative, teaching or research settings, including those volunteering in their profession in Alberta.
  • These members are issued an annual Practice Permit (to December 31) and may use the protected titles of their profession.
  • These members are able to vote, and serve on the ACSLPA Council or regulatory committees.
  • These members will receive ACSLPA communications.
To be a member under this category, you must:
  • Hold a master’s degree, or equivalent, in speech-language pathology or audiology.
  • Meet the current qualifications, good character and English language proficiency requirements of ACSLPA.
  • Demonstrate you have the required level of Professional Liability Insurance (See Appendix 3).
  • Participate in the Continuing Competence Program.