7.3 Specific Information for Each Applicant Type

7.3.1 Graduates of a Canadian Accredited Program (not registered with another SLP/Audiology regulatory body in Canada)

  • Applicable if you have completed your education in Canada and you are not yet registered as an SLP or audiologist in another province (this includes new graduates who have not yet been employed; SLPs or audiologists who have been working but come from an unregulated Canadian jurisdiction (e.g., PEI or the territories); Canadian graduates who have been working outside Canada).
7.3.2  New Graduates of a United States (US) ASHA Accredited Program

  • Applicable if you have completed your education in the US within the previous three years.
7.3.3  Applicants registered with another Provincial SLP/Audiology Regulatory Body in Canada

  • Applicable if you are moving to practice in Alberta from British Columbia (BC), Saskatchewan (SK), Manitoba (MB), Ontario (ON), Quebec (QC), Newfoundland (NL), New Brunswick (NB) or Nova Scotia (NS).
7.3.4 Applicants registered with an SLP/Audiology licensing body in the US that has substantially equivalent requirements for registration to ACSLPA
7.3.5  All other applicants

  • (e.g., applicants educated outside of Canada or the US, graduates of non-accredited Canadian and American programs, applicants from American jurisdictions where application requirements are not substantially equivalent to ACSLPA’s).