Jurisprudence Modules 4-6 are a fulfillment of the HPA’s requirement for ACSLPA to provide mandatory education to regulated members about sexual abuse and sexual misconduct. Sexual abuse and sexual misconduct are prohibited by the HPA and ACSLPA’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. The conduct may also be unlawful and subject to criminal proceedings.

As required by the HPA, ACSLPA funds patient treatment and/or counselling when there is a complaint involving sexual abuse and sexual misconduct towards the patient by a regulated member.

  • The treatment and/or counselling is organized and provided through an independent third-party program.
  • Sessions are held in confidence, including from the College.
  • Accepting funding for treatment and/or counselling is voluntary. It is the patient or caregiver’s responsibility to contact the independent third-party program if they are approved for funding.

A patient’s eligibility and approval for funding will end:

  • after a period of time, if the maximum amount of funding is reached; or
  • when complaint proceedings are finished.