A restriction on the use of the title ‘doctor’ applies when providing a health service.

A health service is “a service provided to people

  • to protect, promote or maintain their health;
  • to prevent illness;
  • to diagnose, treat or rehabilitate; or
  • to take care of the health needs of the ill, disabled, injured, or dying.”

HPA, s.1(p)

Registered SLPs and Audiologists with doctoral degrees must apply to ACSLPA for authorization to use the protected title Doctor (Dr.), alone or in a combination of words, in connection with providing a health service.

Regulated members with doctoral degrees can use the title doctor in teaching, research, or administrative settings without requiring authorization by the College.

Protected Title Portability

Protected professional titles are NOT portable between provinces and countries. In Canada, only registration with a provincial regulatory body, like ACSLPA, allows a regulated member to use the protected titles of their profession and practice the profession. This authorization applies only in the province(s) in which the healthcare professional is registered.

Registration in one province or jurisdiction does not mean that a professional may work or use protected titles in another province or jurisdiction. To work (paid or unpaid) in another province in Canada, or in another country, professionals must apply to the authority that oversees their profession in that province or country. Membership with a provincial, national, or international association (e.g., Speech-Language & Audiology Canada (SAC), American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA), Canadian Academy of Audiology (CAA)) does not grant the right to use professional titles.

All SLPs and Audiologists are responsible for protecting the integrity of the profession by reporting any misuse of professional titles to the College. Verification of who is authorized to practice and use of the SLP and Audiology titles can be confirmed on the ACSLPA website (View Public Register).