Reminder for SLPs and Audiologists


On September 7, 2021, the Office of the Child and Youth Advocate (OCYA) released a report titled Strengthening Foundations: Assessment, Information-Sharing and Collaboration – An Investigative Review.

The Child and Youth Advocate learned of the passing of nine young people who died over a 14-month period in 2018-2019 and who had experienced challenges with service provision. Service delivery for these individuals was impacted by limited assessments, information-sharing, and collaboration among service providers involved in their lives. The purpose of the report was to identify whether services and supports were appropriate, provide public assurance, and identify systemic issues that might have been present.

One of the recommendations coming out of the report was that government ministries regularly communicate where to access reference and training materials to those responsible for providing services under the Children First Act. Accordingly, health regulatory colleges were encouraged to share this information with our regulated members.

Training and Reference Materials

Training materials for the Act are available at Service Alberta’s open government website at Guide to information sharing under the Children First Act and Information Sharing Strategy: Supporting Social-based Service Delivery. There is also a free e-course available regarding information sharing under the Children First Act.

The Children First Act is referenced in ACSLPA’s Concurrent Practice Guideline and in ACSLPA’s Clinical Documentation and Record Keeping Guideline.

The expectation is that all service providers working with children and youth should be aware of, and complying with, the CFA. If this is a population that you serve, please take a moment to review these materials.