Information About Regulated Members That Must be Available to the Government & Public

You will see when you are completing your registration or renewal that we ask for certain information about you as a regulated member that is required by law. Under the HPA, ACSLPA must be able to give the following information about you as regulated member if anyone of the public requests it. This information is limited to:

  • Your full name (including middle name if you have one) and your unique registration number,
  • Any restrictions or conditions placed on your practice permit,
  • The status of your practice permit, including whether it is suspended or cancelled, and
  • Your practice discipline (i.e., profession) recognized by ACSLPA.

The ACSLPA General Register is updated daily and is available on the ACSLPA website here. As an ACSLPA regulated member you should also be aware that Alberta Health collects health service provider information from us and other regulatory colleges by law under the HPA to allow for:

  • Provider authorization and authentication,
  • Centralized source of current data,
  • Effective health workforce planning, and
  • Health service provider identification.

You are responsible for seeing that ACSLPA has accurate and current information for your file, and you must let us know of any changes to your information (i.e., name, contact information, and/or employer/practice information).