Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) Requirements


Under ACSLPA policy, as a speech-language pathologist or audiologist on the General Register, you must submit evidence of having a minimum of $2,000,000 (two million dollars) Professional Liability insurance (PLI) in order to obtain your registration and practice permit. Your policy must also include an extended reporting period of a minimum of two years (note: courtesy registration, including cross provincial practice registration, may be exempted from this requirement).

ACSLPA requires all members holding a practice permit, including those on the courtesy register providing a health service directly to the public, to hold their own PLI policy. Employer coverage is not acceptable.

You must provide ACSLPA with your current PLI information, including the policy provider, policy number and/or certificate number. You are not able to be registered, volunteer, or work as an audiologist or speech-language pathologist in Alberta without having PLI in place.

Where Can You Access Individual PLI Coverage?

Typical cost for PLI for an audiologist or speech-language pathologists ranges between $50 – $100 CDN annually.

Many insurance companies offer PLI coverage. When seeking coverage, be sure that you are covered to at least include the minimum requirements listed above.

If you are a member of Speech-Language and Audiology Canada (SAC) PLI plans are available. MyGroup Insurance Broker Limited, PROLINK Insurance, Zensurance, and HUB International Sinclair Cockburn Limited are other examples of companies that offer PLI to SLPs and audiologists. Information regarding these plans can be accessed at the following links:

MyGroup Insurance Broker Limited – E & O – MyGroup Insurance
PROLINK Insurance –
Zensurance –
HUB International Sinclair Cockburn Limited – email:

What if you meet all requirements for registration with ACSLPA but you can’t obtain PLI because you are currently residing outside of Canada?

Our understanding from PLI providers whose policies meet our minimum requirements is that professionals are only eligible for coverage if they, and their clients, reside in Canada.

From time to time ACSLPA receives inquiries from applicants who continue to reside outside of Canada but have confirmed that they meet all of our registration requirements (i.e., no outstanding examination or supervision requirements). As they are unable to obtain the necessary PLI coverage until they move to Canada, we will consider conditional registration until such time as they reside in Canada and can obtain PLI. During this conditional registration period, they will not be eligible to practice in Alberta; proof of PLI that meets ACSLPA’s requirements is mandatory prior to initiating practice. Upon receipt of confirmation of PLI, the condition on the practice permit will be removed. If you find yourself in this situation, please use our Contact Us Form to send an email to the Senior Regulatory Coordinator.

Click here for information regarding the rationale for this policy change and for further information regarding PLI.

Questions? Feel free to contact the ACSLPA office using our Contact Us Form.