Continuing Competence Program



Q & A – Revised Continuing Competence Program (CCP) Q & A - CCP Standard of Practice Q & A - Changing from Non-Practicing Status to Practicing at Renewal


Sample Forms, Scoring Rubrics & Example Submissions


To view the Scoring Rubric, scroll to the end of each sample form. Sample Forms Examples Risks and Supports Risks and Supports Examples Continuing Education Report Continuing Education Report Examples Peer Dialogue Reflection Peer Dialogue Reflection Examples Continuing Education Activities Tracking Forms PDF fillable PDF print and complete

Sample Forms, Scoring Rubrics & Example Submissions2022-08-22T10:09:51-06:00

Webinars & Videos


2022 CCP Step-by-Step Instructional Video (6 mins - August 2022) - This YouTube video has been created to assist regulated members with completing the new CCP forms. Continuing Competence Program – Completing the CCP Activities (19 mins - May 2022) CCP Lunch & Learn Webinar (57 mins - February 2022)

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Rationale & Program Development


Risks and Supports - Background Information CCP Accommodation Plan Background and Rationale Framework Flowchart Continuing Education Activities – What Counts Current CCP vs Revised CCP CCP Overview ACSLPA Insights – CCP (December 2021)

Rationale & Program Development2022-08-22T10:11:02-06:00


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