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Professional Liability Insurance (PLI)


How can I get PLI/What is my certificate number? You must provide your own PLI. Employer coverage is not accepted. BMS (the SAC provider) and MyGroup Insurance Broker Limited both provide the type of coverage ACSLPA requires, including an extended reporting period of two years (so that if you cease practicing you are still covered for 2 years for any complaints that might come in “after the fact”). All individuals insured through SAC (with BMS) share the same policy number (called “group policy” in the system). You must supply your individual certificate number (you can find this on your insurance [...]

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What is my login information? Your login is the exact email address you have on file with ACSLPA. If you work for AHS, your email might be “” or it might be”. These are not interchangeable in the ACSLPA system. Forgot your password? Use the “forgot my password” link to reset your password. Check your junk folder for the system-generated email. I can’t log in, I just get the spinner cog that eventually times out. Do NOT use Internet Explorer. The system is not compatible with IE. Use a different browser. Use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari (Mac users). [...]


Registration Renewal Information and FAQs


The following links were for the 2023 Registration Renewal: 2023 Online Registration Renewal Information and step-by-step process 2023 Renewal Video, or  go directly to Renewal. FAQs I keep getting an error message on my employer information in the profile update. Supervisor name and phone number are mandatory fields. If you are your own supervisor use your own name and number in those fields or indicate N/A or self. I just started a private practice - how do I enter my employer name? Enter "private practice" (on the searchable list) as your employer name. I am Non-Practicing but want to [...]

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