Frequently Asked Questions for Renewal

Frequently Asked Questions for Renewal2020-10-14T10:33:00-06:00

Do not use Internet Explorer, it is not compatible with the system.
Try another browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) or
use your mobile phone or tablet, the system is mobile friendly.

Have a question that is not included in the FAQ? Take a look at the detailed instructions or contact the office at 780-944-1609  or We will make sure your question gets to the appropriate person for a response.

Note: During renewal, responses may take up to one week.

What is my login information?
  • Your login in the exact email address you have on file with ACSLPA.
  • If you work for AHS, your email might be “” or it might be”. These are not interchangeable in the new ACSLPA system.
  • Forgot your password? Use the “forgot my password” link to reset your password. Check your junk folder for the system-generated email.
I can’t log in, I just get the spinner cog that eventually times out.
  • Do NOT use Internet Explorer. The system is not compatible with IE. Try using a different browser.
  • Use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari (Mac users).
  • Don’t have access to a recommended browser? The system is mobile friendly, use your mobile phone or tablet.
How do I get back to a previous page?
  • Do not use your browser’s “back” button as this will take you out of the system.
  • Use the chevron buttons within the system  (less than/greater than symbol) to easily navigate.
I can’t get to the payment screen with renewal/I receive an error message that my renewal can’t be processed at this time.
  • There are a few reasons your renewal might be “blocked.” Some of the more common reasons are:
    • You submitted an email change in the renewal process (email changes need to be manually confirmed and processed through the ACSLPA office as this is your login).
    • The system may have “autocorrected” your email address – watch for this as it will change your email and login information.
    • You haven’t provided PLI information.
    • You haven’t completed your CCP requirements.
    • You are switching registration categories (e.g. Non-Practicing to General)
  • The ACSLPA office will contact you if your renewal needs more information or feel free to call the office if you have questions.
Continuing Competence Program2020-10-14T10:18:58-06:00
How can I complete my Self-Assessment (SAT)?
  • The SAT is currently under review and not available.
  • Members are exempt from this requirement in 2020.
When I click on mylearning, I get a note that says I started renewal and I have to complete my CCP in renewal.
  • Once you start renewal, you will need to complete your CCP requirements through the renewal process.
  • Click on “Home” on the top, you’ll see a “road map” of renewal (profile update, 2020 learning plan, 2021 learning plan, 2021 renewal). Click on the hyperlink under the relevant section to proceed.
Am I due for external feedback?
  • External feedback is essentially required every 3 years you are practicing.
  • Due to the pandemic, members are exempt from completing external feedback in 2020. You can still complete one if you choose to do so.
  • If 2020 would have been your mandatory year for external feedback, you will be required to complete one in 2021.
  • Look under each of your CCP years (MyLearning tab) to see previous information submitted. This is how you can see when you last completed your external feedback.
My peer’s email link expired.
  • You must contact the ACSLPA office (Sandy Nickel at 587-525-7733 or to resend this link.
I have been redeployed to pandemic efforts since March. What do I do about my 2020 goal and reflection?
  • Your goal can be rewritten any time before you pay your 2021 fees.
  • Was there something you did learn about before your redeployment? If so, change your goal and reflect on that learning.
  • Remember there are 7 different competency areas – you might find it helpful to write a new goal in a competency area that isn’t specific to your clinical work (e.g., collaborator, professional).
Professional Liability Insurance (PLI)2020-09-24T15:25:53-06:00
How can I get PLI/What is my certificate number?
  • You must provide your own PLI for 2021, employer coverage is not accepted.
  • BMS (the SAC provider) and Sheppard Insurance both provide the type of coverage ACSLPA requires, including an extended reporting period of two years (so that if you cease practicing you are still covered for 2 years for any complaints that might come in “after the fact”).
  • All individuals insured through SAC (with BMS) share the same policy number (called “group policy” in the system). You must supply your individual certificate number (you can find this on your insurance certificate).
  • Please refer to the ACSLPA website “PLI requirements” for further information regarding requirements and links to insurance providers.
I’m going on maternity leave – do I still need insurance?
  • ACSLPA requires all members holding a practice permit to hold their own PLI policy. Members who do not hold a current practice permit are not required to have PLI.
When is the early bird deadline?
  • The early bird rate was discontinued in the fall of 2018.
  • Your renewal should be completed by December 1st. An additional administration fee will be applied effective December 16th if you have not fully paid for your 2021 renewal. View 2021 Fee Schedule.
I keep getting an error message on my employer information in the profile update
  • Supervisor name and phone number are mandatory fields.
  • If you are your own supervisor use your own name and number in those fields or indicate N/A or self.
I just started a private practice – how do I enter my employer name?
  • Enter “private practice” (on the searchable list) as your employer name.
I’m going on maternity leave in January, do I still need to renew?
  • You will renew using the “non-practicing” renewal button. However, if you will be working at all in January, you will need to renew to the General category.
I’m leaving the college/retiring.
What should I do?
  • Please complete your renewal using the “archived” renewal button. This alerts the college that you do not intend to renew as practicing/non-practicing and will save you from reminder emails and ongoing follow-up from the ACSLPA office!
  • If you have been a member of SHAA and ACSLPA for at least 25 years, you may be eligible for Honourary membership.  Please contact the ACSLPA office for further information.
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