Please note: the online application form is currently only available for new graduates of Canadian accredited programs.  All other applicants must submit an original application form to ACSLPA.

Dear Applicant,

To apply for registration and a practice permit, please complete and submit the online application form to ACSLPA.

Please note:

  • Registration is mandatory. As a speech-language pathologist or audiologist, you must register with ACSLPA before working/volunteering and using these professional titles in Alberta.
  • Please start the registration process early so that ACSLPA has sufficient time to process your application before your employment or volunteer start date. ACSLPA will notify you by email and/or telephone if more information is needed.
  • We will only begin to review your application after ACSLPA has received all the required documents. If you are requesting information from a university, association or college, you must ask that they send the information directly to the ACSLPA office.  We will not process incomplete applications.
  • You must include the $220.00 application fee with your application for registration. The application fee is non-refundable, even if your application for registration is denied, withdrawn, or incomplete.
  • Please note that some documents must be submitted to ACSLPA in hard copy form. We do not accept faxed or emailed transcripts, Clinical Hours Forms or Police Information Check/Vulnerable Sector Checks. We need all original documents sent to us.
  • ACSLPA will only issue a practice permit after you complete all requirements for registration, and you can only work/volunteer as a speech-language pathologist or audiologist in Alberta if your application for registration is successful.
  • Please note that applications will not be processed without Professional Liability Insurance (PLI).

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the ACSLPA office at 1-800-537-0589 or 780-944-1609.

Click on the ‘APPLY HERE’ button below to start the process.


If you are not a new graduate of a Canadian accredited program, please click here to download the Application Form.