Status Changes

A change in registration status may be requested using the one of the Status Change forms below.

Application to Resume Active Practice (Non-Practicing to Registered)
(Required in order to work or volunteer in Alberta and must be renewed annually).

Application to Change Status to Non-Practicing (modify registration to a non-practicing category, i.e., maternity leave, leave of absence, travel, etc.) (Applicant does not plan to work or volunteer in Alberta during a portion or all of this calendar year. Non-Practicing status must be renewed annually).

Resignation from ACSLPA (request to resign from ACSLPA)
(Applicant does not plan to work or volunteer in Alberta in the future and does not wish to be a member of ACSLPA)

Name Changes

Please go to the Member Login area of the ACSLPA website and request your name change through the ‘My profile’ tab.

Note: A copy of official documentation providing proof of the change must be uploaded. Acceptable documents include government-issued marriage, name change from Vital Statistics or a certificate of divorce. A driver’s licence is not acceptable as official documentation.

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